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For those of you who miss the convenience of on-board dust collection we have an announcement for you.

Introducing our US-VBAS14 -FL Vacuum Bag Assembly.

Completely new-from being made of fire rated material to durability against rips and tears this product is improved in every way.  The zipper, tags, hose and clamps were all improved to provide the user with the convenience of on-board dust collection and confidence of a quality product.

Learn more or purchase here.

Spring is Home Improvement time...

Spring is a great time to plan your home improvement projects.  Installing or refinishing your hardwood floors is a great way to freshen up a dull room and improve the value of your home.  Contact Jeff with questions regarding your hardwood flooring project he can assist with the type and grits of paper that will work for your project.

Sandpaper is available in the following papers:

Aluminum Oxide-durable disc, excellent finish removal at a reasonable cost.

Zirconia- F weight backing for softer cut, and excellent finish removal and resistance to loading.

Both papers perform very well on our equipment.

Buy Sandpaper online or call us at 724-254-2185 to place your order!

Need to speak with a sales person?!

Contact Jeff Marcum at 724-840-9409 or email Jeff at  jmarcum@u-sand.com 



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