Choosing a U-Sand Sander

Which U-Series Sander is for Me?

Do you have hardwood floors?  Are they looking dull, excessively scratched, and in need of a facelift?  Consider the U-Series of floor care products.  U-Sand floor sander

If you need to level, sand, or buff your floors:

The U-Sand uses hook and loop sandpaper discs, 25’ standard 110 outlet cord, and a handle that folds for transportation.  The U-sand is easy to operate.  The patented random orbit design allows the machine to float across the floor.

  • The U-Sand floor sander weighs 125 lbs and uses four-pad, random orbit technology, the U-Sand sander makes floor sanding easy and worry-free by eliminating the possibility of damaging the floor.  U-Sand Pro Sander
  • The U-Sand Pro has the same features as the U-Sand but weighs only 84 lbs.  The lighter weight and increased sanding action makes this unit more aggressive.

Both the U-Sand and the U-Sand Pro, will sand your floor using a variety of 6" sandpaper.  The rental of a separate edger is not necessary as both units sand extremely close to your existing trim, and allow you to sand in any direction, making it the perfect choice for parquet and inlaid floor care.

Need to refinish your hardwood stair treads?

  • The U-Sand Mini is a hand held version of our famous U-Sand, utilizing a 4500 rpm motor, 3 random orbit pads, and 5” hook and loop sanding discs.  This unit is ideal for stair tread sanding, table tops, edging, or wide doorway sanding.  Weighing 19.5 lbs,  this unit has a vac-port that attaches to your shop vac.



Get More Information

Follow the operations manual included with each unit for safe operating procedures.

Read our How To Refinish Hardwood Floors with U-Sand Equipment.

Rent a U-Sand floor sander from a Rental Center near you.

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