Why Choose U-Sand for Your Floor Refinishing Project?

Is U-Sand the Best Machine for Sanding Wood Floors?

U-Sand Features

  • Easy to maneuver, floats across your floor
  • Move with or against the wood grain
  • 25 foot cord for standard 110V power
  • Great for parquet and herringbone floors too
  • Sand up to the baseboard and trim
  • Sand over register openings
  • Fast, easy to change sandpaper and buff pads
  • Three tools in one: sander, edger, buffer.

If you’re looking for the best machine for sanding wood floors, don’t take our word for the how exceptional U-Sand sanders are, do your own research.  Google “U-Sand floor sanders” and you’ll easily find sites with quotes like:

  • “Sanding is pretty darn easy. It will not cut the floor”
  • “Unlike traditional sanders, you will not have to worry about gouges or damage to the floor”
  • “A super sanding solution”

We’ve designed our sanding floor machines for the average “Do-it-Yourselfer,” to give you professional, craftsman-like results in achieving exceptional hardwood floor finishes.  Unlike traditional drum sanders and belt sanders, U-Sand floor sanding machines offer all the conveniences you expect from 21st century, cutting-edge floor sanding technology.

21st Century, Cutting Edge Floor Sanding Technology

  • U-Sand Sander doing edges effectivelyThree tools in one: floor sander, edger, and buffer
  • Great for closets, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, and foyers
  • The best unit for parquet, herringbone, and inlaid floors
  • There is even a model (the U-Sand Mini) for sanding stairs!

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For Professionals

U-Sand’s Super Bee is designed for professional use, and is the sander of choice to remove old finishes without damaging the floors in any way. The Super Bee will not gouge or scrape floors, efficiently removing the old finish with ease.

Clean sanding and perfect edging, all-in-one, for closets, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, foyers, and more.  The ultimate tool for your sanding arsenal.

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The U-Sand Line of Hardwood Floor Sanders

Try a U-Sand floor sander and you’ll know why there’s so much talk online about the benefits of U-Sand hardwood floor sanders. 




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