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U-Sand floor sanders are a premier product line from Cherryhill Manufacturing Corporation, located in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania.

Since 1999, Cherryhill Manufacturing has been committed to developing, manufacturing, and selling superior products for use in the construction industry.  The U-Sand Series of floor sanding equipment was created from our frustration with the shortcomings of the existing technology in the commercial floor sanders.

Our first U-Sand sander prototype was developed in late 1998, and proved an immediate success.   Soon after we began to refine and design a better floor sander that would revolutionize the floor sanding industry. We have added other products to our line since we began in 1999, most of which are available in rental stores across the country.

What is Revolutionary about the U-Sand Floor Sander?

We took the frustrations of sanding hardwood floors and turned them around so that even the casual “do-it-yourselfer” can achieve craftsman-like results with our easy to use floor sanding machines.

  1. Unlike drum sanders, U-Sand sanders will not damage your floors
  2. 4 head random orbital rotation means the sander floats as you guide it.
  3.  Go with or against the grain, make easy passes across the floor.
  4. Reduces or eliminates the need for a separate edger.
  5. Buffs too!  Use the U-Sand to buff your first coat of urethane!
  6. Mini Sander available for stairs and woodworking projects.

Learn more on our Floor Sanders page.

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From hardwood and herringbone to parquet floors, U-Sand sanders are prized by “do-it-yourselfers” and professionals alike, both for their ease of use and the exceptional results they provide.
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