U-Sand Model US-PRO

The U-Sand Pro unit is an updated US-146 unit.  Created in 2008, this unit is slightly lighter than the U-Sand unit, weighing in at 115 lbs,  with a slightly different rotation in the spindles offering more aggressive sanding action.

Using four-pad, random orbit technology, the U-Sand Pro sander makes floor sanding easy and worry-free by eliminating the possibility of damaging the floor.

This unit is a little louder than the original U-Sand but the end results are the same.   Acting as a sander, edger and buffer this machine can complete a floor sanding job from start to finish.

Benefits of the U-Sand Pro Sander

U-Sand changes everything about floor sanding.

  • Rip and strip finishes on existing floors with ease.  Cuts through urethane efficiently and leaves the wood clean and ready for a new finish.
  • Sands in any direction without damaging the grain pattern, and is the best machine for antique floors as it removes far less material than drums so your floors last longer.
  • Far easier to use than traditional drum sanders.
  • Change hook and loop grit disks in seconds.
  • Vacuums dust out of the way as you go-collects dust in an on-board vacuum bag that is easy to remove and empty when needed (remember to remove from unit when not in use).
  • Edge and buff with the same machine.
  • Floats easily as you make your passes.

Try a U-Sand Pro floor sander and you’ll know why we’re on the cutting edge of floor sanding technology.

You’ll be glad you took a moment to make your floor sanding project a stand out accomplishment with the ease and cost-savings only the U-Sand family.