Many rental locations carry our sandpaper and parts needed for our equipment.  We recommend you purchase them when you rent your equipment.  To make sure you can get the supplies and parts you need, we also off these products here on our website.

From our professional hook and loop sanding discs to backer pads, buff pads, and dust skirts, we have what you need for a successful sanding experience, bringing craftsmen level perfection to refinishing your hardwood floors.

On Board Dust Collection

Effective November 2017 we introduced our US-VBAS14 FL vacuum bag assembly.

This product is made of fire rated material that offers durability against rips and tears, and improvements to the zipper, tabs, hose and clamps to provide the user with the convenience of on-board dust collection and confidence of a quality product.

Maintenance is easy just empty the bag when full and after each use.  Store the bag in a non-flammable area and it should last a very long time.

This dust collection bag is the only bag that is approved for use on our equipment.  If it’s not black with yellow print and the Fire-Lock logo REMOVE THE BAG.

You’ll be glad you took a moment to make your floor sanding project a stand out accomplishment with the ease and cost-savings only the U-Sand family.