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U-Sand® Mini and U-Sand® Vac Mini

Stair Sanding Made Easy

U-Sand Mini and U-Sand Mini Vac for sanding stairs

The U-Sand Mini uses the same patented multi-head, random orbit technology as the U-Sand Sander and Pro Sander, but in a conveniently smaller package.  Ideal sander for:

  • Stair tread sanding
  • Edging sanding machine
  • Woodworking, countertop, table top applications

Attach the U-Sand Vac Mini Backpack Vacuum System for a virtually dust-free work environment.

Preserve the quality and material of your floor for many years to come. Rent a U-Sand Mini from a Floor Sanding Tool Rental Service near you.

U-Sand Mini

  • 1400 Watt Motor
  • 1.5 gal capacity
  • 120 CFM
  • 11.5 lbs

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Sanding Equipment:

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Benefits of the U-Sand Mini

The U-Sand Mini sanding machine is light, weighing in at less than 12 lbs.  Its powerful 1400 watt, variable speed motor brings both power and precision to small spaces.  Used in conjunction with our U-Sand Vac Mini, dust is kept to a minimum and clean up is easy.

Best of all, you have no fears of gouging the surface or causing irreparable harm to your floor or stairs through a mere slip.  It’s been said that the only thing hard about using a U-Sand sander is: “it’s hard to mess up!”




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