When renting our equipment the rental center should have the items you need for this equipment.  In the event you need a part/accessory that is not locally available here is a listing of items for you to use.

6″ Backer Pad-6″ diameter disc that screws onto the bottom of the unit at the end of the spindle housing/lower shaft.  This item is constructed of foam with hook and loop covering for easy attachment of sandpaper.  It is sold individually or in a 12 pk.


Backer Pad Saver-6″ diameter floppy disc that has hook and loop on both sides for adhering to the backer pad and sandpaper.  This item is to prolong the life of the hook and loop part of the backer-pad  allowing the user to pull on this rather than the backer pad itself when changing paper.  This items is sold in a 4 pk.

Vacuum Bag AssemblyWe only recommend the Fire Lock Vacuum Bag shown at left for our equipment.  This item is the removable dust containment system for our units.  you can attach it to the floor sander by slipping the hose of the exhaust port on the machine and attaching the Velcro tabs to the handle close the zipper and your ready to sand.  REMEMBER-always remove this item and empty the contents into a metal trash container when not in use!


Buff Pads-This is a 6″ disc product with hook and loop on one side and a tightly woven material on the other for use when needing to rough up the floor slightly between coats or when the floor needs a quick buff and coat to refresh the finish.  This item is sold in a 4 pk.

Removable Dust Skirt-This item is important when counting on the unit to vacuum up much of the airborne dust particles.  this item must be properly adjusted to the height of your floor for it to work properly.  after attaching the Backer Pads and sandpaper adjust this item to the  height of the floor.  This item can be removed and re positioned as often as needed.

25′ Cord-This item is a 25′ removable twist lock cord easy to attach and remove from the unit for ease of transport or replacement should it become damaged.


Handle Grips-This item is a comfortable grip for comfort when operating the machine.


Switch Cover-This item is an industrial metal switch cover protecting the electrical components on the handle of the machine.


Switch-This item is UL approved for use on our equipment and built for durability.



Wheels-These are 3.5″ non-marring rubber wheels for ease of transport.

Wheel Replacement Kit-Includes a wheel, 2 washers, and a snap ring.


Poly Cog Belt-This item is universal on all our floor sanders.  The ribs of the belt should be against the metal pulleys when operating.


Gasket-This item is necessary when replacing the belt, it is located between the motor and deck plate.